Yerba Buena Oil

Helps in Increasing Immunity

Good for Skin Health

This herb is known to contain a compound called as menthol which helps in creating a cooling sensation. It also tends to nourish dull skin and also improves the quality of the dull or oily skin.

Yerba Buena is best recommended for people who are suffering from a lower level of immunity. As this herb has antiviral as well as antifungal properties, therefore it helps in fighting against numerous diseases causing particles which enter into our body.

Helps in Blood Circulation

The soothing effects of this herb have been known to be beneficial in simulating the action of numerous organs. They are effective on the nerves and tend to amplify the levels of blood production as well as transporting it to different parts of the body.

Helpful Cure Against A Headache and Nausea

This is one of the effective home remedies for nausea as well as a headache. To quickly recover from a headache you can apply the mint oil derived from the leaves over the forehead. Also, it is cooling as well as anti-inflammatory properties have been known to be effective in treating numerous issues such as nausea.