Black Haw Essential Oil

Black Haw oil is an old and reliable uterine tonic.
It is said to support overall uterine function, help regulate excessive blood flow during menstruation and menopause, and ease postpartum, uterine and ovarian pain. Moreover, the herb is mildly sedative and helps to relieve many nervous conditions.

Black Haw has been used to relieve cramps of all kinds, including menstrual pains; and as an herbal muscle relaxant and antispasmodic, it helps to loosen up tight muscles, as well as ease spasms and pains in the lower and legs.
Additionally, the arbutin content in Black Haw Bark is thought to be effective as an analgesic and painkiller. As an herbal sedative.

Black Haw is believed to alleviate nervous constipation, hypertension, palpitations, hysteria, debility and other nervous complaints.
It’s effectiveness in easing cases of hypertension is said to be achieved by relaxing peripheral blood vessels, thus lowering high blood pressure.